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Christian lifestyle is not a destination…

Journey WorldObtaining and maintaining a Christian lifestyle is the result of making faith-filled and faith-directed decisions throughout the course of your day, every day. It’s not a status of life you acquire after you’ve paid your dues or when you get ready to commit to “acting like” a Christian. A Christian lifestyle is experienced and exhibited in the way you choose to live your life in every moment of the day.

Here are a couple of points to remember as you move forward in your journey with Christ:

  1. Every believer was saved in the midst of their sin, but our faith has healed us and God’s grace has washed us clean. That, however, does not give us license to continually revisit our sin(s) or to keep it/them incorporated in our lives.
  2. Being a believer doesn’t mean you’re perfect, but your belief allows you to align yourself to God’s perfect will. Our Father God desires to manifest Himself in us. Let Him.
  3. Being a believer in Jesus Christ doesn’t mean you are super human, but it does allow you to experience the supernatural. Much of God’s Kingdom is indescribable. I really can’t explain how He performs such wonders in my life – the math doesn’t add up. But i can receive His blessings, experience His grace and share my testimony of the bounty being poured into me.
  4. Believers are not immune to temptation, but they have the power to overcome it. I know, I know – sometimes you don’t want to overcome the temptation. You just want to do what you want to do. Times are hard. You need to take your joy where you can. I know. I’ve probably had the same self-talks, but I will tell you, there comes a time after you have surrendered your heart and your will to God that the temptations that once tortured you will barely register a blink when you’re confronted with it/them. The God in you is stronger than you think you can ever be.
  5. The Holy Spirit isn’t a crutch or a badge of honor. The Holy Spirit is a transformer. If your “Christian life” is indistinguishable from your life before Christ and before receiving the Holy Spirit, then you haven’t been transformed. If you’re passing yourself off as a Christian and your character is no different from the characters in society, entertainment, politics, business or next door, then you have not fully processed or activated your claim. You can’t be Spirit-filled and resemble the world. It’s an impossibility because the Spirit of God is always at war with the spirit in the world. You will live according to the spirit that controls you. And the spirit that controls you will be visible in the fruit (production) of your life.

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