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Charlie & Dorothy Duke: The Greatest Walk Ever


Intro at 43:00 mark

The Dukes shared their marriage testimony in three parts: his point of view, her point of view and a joint point of view when they got on the same page. My brief notes from their comments are below.

Notes from the testimony of Charlie and Dorothy Duke at Times Square Church on Palm Sunday, March 28, 2018

Charlie Duke
Youngest Astronaut to walk the moon
5 are still alive

What am I going to do now? After returning from the moon.
Still had the drive that had gotten him to the top of his field.
1976 left NASA
Went into business making money
Still no peace

Dorothy Duke
Considering suicide in 1975
Her dream had not come true.
She put her man first in her life, she wasn’t first in his. His career was first.
Maybe there’s not a man out there to love me the way I want to be loved.
Tried different things – career, church, partying, travel etc

Jesus I give you my life. If you’re real, I’ll stay. If not, I will go.
God began answering her small prayers.


Intro at 43:00 mark

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