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Boredom can be debilitating

angelsThere’s been very few periods of my life where I have claimed boredom. I’ve been tired of my own company. I’ve needed a change of scenery. I’ve tried different things. But I’ve rarely considered myself to be bored.

For some time now, I’ve been in a state where absolutely nothing that interests me. All the dreams of my youth that I could fulfill independently, I’ve done. And I’ve grown tired of waiting for others to fulfill the other dreams with.

I live in a city where countless distractions are supplied by the second to keep its inhabitants from becoming bored. But having the opportunity, availability and option to do whatever you want does not keep you stimulated. Quite the opposite, in fact. You become desensitized. The inability to become stimulated leads to a sense of listlessness and disinterest because you have literally been there and done that.

I haven’t come to a cure for the boredom yet, but I have come to realize that now is not the time to make life altering decisions. Today’s lesson: When you enter a season of quiet, just be still.

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