A Blessing For My Daughters (My God and Me)

Young daughter, as you grow into an inquisitive little girl, a precocious teen and a delightful young woman you may have moments of self-doubt. We all do. But, never forget, life is a never ending journey that began in love. Keep that knowledge – build on it, grow from it, use it to gather strength as you mature on your walk.

Days may come when you question your purpose. Know that your purpose is for greatness and you were born with everything you need to fulfill it. Every step of your journey is preparation for everything to come. You’ll climb mountains and tumble into valleys; you’ll rest in fragrant pastures and be refreshed with cleansing waters. You may feel like you’re completely alone, but your Big Brother is walking with you. You may feel as if there’s no reason for all the walking and falling, or the long rests and waits, but your Father has a plan. You’ll rejoice with laughter and rant in tears. Give equal thanks for your troubles and your blessings, for even your pain will benefit you.

Don’t be fooled when you view others from the distance of your height or depth or through the lens of your grief and solitude. Their route may look smooth and uneventful. You may be tempted to pray for their ease, swiftness and surefootedness. Don’t. Pray instead for wisdom, guidance, and strength or other characteristics of Grace that will help you through your whole journey, not just a portion of it. Pray that the obstacles you encounter, the enemies you face and the many disappointments that weigh you down become opportunities to fellowship deeper with God. Stay focused, remain faithful, keep moving and your life will be a blessing to others.

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