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3 Amigos on a Bench

Them: You’re leaving?
Me: Yes
Them: Do you want to take our picture?
Me: Sure; thanks! What are your names?
Me: Fred? How did you get Fred?
Fred: It’s short for Walfrido.
Me: Ah. Are you Cuban? I had a friend named Walkiria and her brother’s name was also Walfrido.
Fred: No. I’m from Puerto Rico. Manlio
 is from Honduras and Pimto is from Ecuador.

Me: How did you three come together?
Fred: I just met Pimto yesterday.
Pimto: But me and Manlio have been friends for a long time.
Me: And here you are sitting like you’ve all been friends for life!

Los Tres Amigos: Fred, Manlio and Pimto in Central Park Photo by LaShawnda Jones , July 2014 ©

They asked me to return the next night with printed copies of the photo. None of them have email or internet. I agreed but when I got home the next night, the sofa claimed me instead.

Two nights after I met Los Tres Amigos, I headed to the park after work to try to shoot some birds in flight for the weekly photo challenge I participate in. That was my goal. I saw Manlio as soon as I entered the park and walked over to him. Before I could say a word, he asked, “Where were you? We were here 8, 9, 10 [the evening before]. My friends not live here. Pimto took taxi from Bronx.”

I felt bad. Fred had mentioned that he lives in Nevada, but I thought he meant past tense.

Manlio asked me to take another picture of him. I told him I’d come back after I did some nature shots over the pond.

Even though he asked for it, I still managed to get a candid.

Photo by LaShawnda Jones, July 2014 ©
Los Tres Amigos: Manlio. Photo by LaShawnda Jones, July 2014.

When I returned, his two friends were with him. I was able to apologize to them directly for not returning the night before and add their closeups to the collection as well.

Photo by LaShawnda Jones, July 2014 ©
Los Tres Amigos: Fred. Photo by LaShawnda Jones, July 2014.


Los Tres Amigos: Pimto
Los Tres Amigos: Pimto. Photo by LaShawnda Jones, July 2014.

I love the way they photograph! Such character in their faces.

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