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    11 Years of Blogging! Oh, my!

    Eleven years ago today, I posted my first blog on these here inter-nets. “Can I Love You?” was written in the early days of my committed and purposeful faith walk. It’s as sincere and earnest as I’ve ever been in my writing. Several years later, it was followed by a post titled, “…and the People said ‘Hell NO!‘” Ha! Life certainly rings us full circle! Many believers attempt to paint the act of loving your neighbor – your fellow human beings – as such a delicate, soft expression of faith. That hasn’t been my experience with love in any form. Loving others has been a harsh, eye-opening refining fire for…

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    Terry Ann: Woman. Seed. Fertile Ground. Inspiration.

    In the summer of 2018, I began working on a portrait and prose book project about womanhood. That summer I returned to my hometowns Gary and Milwaukee and asked friends, family and old connections to pose and share some words about their womanhood experiences. When I began sketching out the project my mom was not top of mind. As the project morphed into various incarnations, the hope was to pull others in along the way. But the more women I talked to and the closer I got to women who had been close to her, the more Mom began to dominate my thoughts. I can’t ask my mother what her…

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    #VirtualRoadTrip: Sunset Crater Volcano

    May 4 marks two months of self-isolation. I had actually been really sick the last two weeks of February. In hindsight, I think I was infected with #covid19 most likely in late December. I has something of a pre-illness the first week of January while traveling overseas. The February illness was full force with an extremely high fever. So essentially, I’ve been laying low and moving very slowly since January. However, from January to March, I felt very anxious and forced my self to move through my illness and fatigue. By the time I got checked out at a clinic on March 3rd, I had no fever and was generally…

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    Consolidating my blogs

    Hello, All   I’ve combined all my blogs into one. If you’ve been following Spirit-Harvest.com or any other blog of mine, please move with me to Harvest-Life.org! I’m looking   Continued blessings!   LaShawnda